IOB, or also International Organization for Natural Bathing Waters, is an umbrella organization uniting 12 national swimming pond organizations to form an international federation.

Objectives of the IOB are the promotion and distribution of natural bathing waters with fully biological water purification. This is achieved by consultation between politics and administration, in the formulation of policies and as well as consultancy about statutes and laws concerning bathing in natural bathing water. 

IOB supports the member associations from various countries through exchange of experience on planning, construction and operation of semi-natural bathing waters, and by publishing all kind of information.

An important task of the IOB is also supporting the development of other countries organizations. The IOB organizes conferences and seminars, coordinating the training and retraining of the national associations as well as the biennial International Congress for natural bathing water.

Regarding the international aspects IOB supports and promotes investigation and research related to the subject of natural bathing water.

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Groen Groeien

Groen Groeien is the association for the Flemish landscaping contractor and brings members and partners together to help them grow both professionally as well as personally. Through fresh insights, new opportunities and genuine connections.

The association inspires with smart ideas, challenges its members to keep on growing, facilitates cross-pollination and cooperation, and encourages fellowship and collaboration.

Furthermore, Groen Groeien makes doing business easier through advocacy and lobbying, business contacts, administration tips and sector news on legislation, employment, phyto-licensing, environmental and spatial planning, among other, allowing its members to focus on their core business and what they are good at.

In short, at Groen Groeien, opportunities are there to be seized, for each of its members and partners, to jointly lift the green profession and the sector to a higher level.

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